About Zamani & Roxy, the studio owner


Zamani World Dance is a not-for-profit dance school, self-funded by Roxy. 


Oriental Dance began for Roxy as a fitness activity and is one of her favorite hobbies. She was overworked and needed something to keep herself moving once she got up from my computer at the end of the day. Her career in the field of Information Technology Services involves too much sitting and stress!


Tamalyn Dallal, the original owner Zamani Culture House and also Roxy's mentor, decided to move to New Orleans to her new home. Since, Roxy inherited the studio settings including teachers and students, named the new school, Zamani World Dance early 2015.


Zamani World Dance now is a dance home for asian, middle-eastern, flamenco and near east dance forms not just oriental dance.


Thanks to all your love and support to keep Zamani World Dance a safe and fun place for our dance students and our community.